Writing: Today’s topic

Based on today’s lesson and board notes, re-write these sentences without changing the meaning. (Remember, none of these sentences are wrong; we simply want to make them stronger and more interesting.)

  1. Adam learned how to play chess. The lessons took up much of his free time.
  2. The Movie Club members chose costumes for their updated version of The Three Little Pigs. It was an exciting task for them.
  3. My cousin stores all her old Barbie dolls. She uses her bedroom for this.
  4. Sandra pilots a hot-air balloon. It is her proudest accomplishment.
  5. We will celebrate Naryam’s birthday with a surprise party. Everyone will look forward to it.
  6. The security guard trained the dog assigned to him. He enjoyed doing it.
  7. The Morgans were surprised to have a set of triplets. They had no history of multiple births on either side of the family.
  8. Stan improved the labour relations at the assembly plant. He used his charm and negotiating skills to bring everybody together.
  9. Jeff memorized every word from the book Grammar for Idiots. This seemed to be the best way for him to understand English grammar.
  10. Some people achieve a high energy level. They do this because they follow a balanced diet, exercise faithfully, and get enough sleep.

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